• [2019.3.1] A paper is accepted by CVPR 2019.
  • [2018.8.15] I will visit Department of Perceiving System in Max-Planck Institute of Intelligent System (Tuebingen), hosted by Dr. Siyu Tang and Prof. Michael Black.
  • [2018.7.26] A paper is accepted by ECCV workshop on Assistive Computer Vision and Robotics.
  • [2018.7.10] A paper is accepted by BMVC 2018.
  • [2018.4.5] I am schuduled to submit the PhD thesis before 2018.9.30.

To the readers

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am currently a PhD student at the institute of neural information processing, Ulm University, Germany. After obtaining M.Sc degree in University of Manchester in advanced control engineering, I jointed the graduate school of computer science in Saarland University. In parallel, I was working in Max Plunck Institute of Informatics (MPII) and the Mathematical Image Analysis group of Saarland University as a research assistant. Afterwards, I was doing an internship in German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) Heidelberg, Germany, and then joined my current institute.

My research experiences mainly incorporate image processing based on differential equation and variational calculus, as well as computer vision and machine learning methods on medical image analysis, human behavior understanding and others. I have several publications in these domains, provide oral presentations in international conferences and serve as the reviewer for the SPIE journal of medical imaging, PLoS One and others.

Yours faithfully,





我的研究经历主要包含了,基于微分方程和变分微积分的图像处理,以及计算机视觉和机器学习在医学图像分析和人体行为分析的应用。我在这些领域里面发表过文章,在国际会议上做过口头报告,以及为SPIE journal of medical imaging, PLoS One 等学术期刊审阅论文。

此致 敬礼